Professor Falchion is the Headmaster of Wolfrot School for Sorcerers and Sorceress'

Autobiography Edit

Full Name: Roricus Calment Lépine Falchion

Height: 6'3'

Eyes: Light Blue

Skin: Pale white

Hair: Brown


  • Professor Falchion was born in England in 1597, in early life he was apparently Prodigious in Magical abilities but it was later revealed he was only using a misfiring wand.
  • In 1617 he was appointed as the Dueling Teacher at Wolfrot School.
  • In 1623 he suffered a minor accident with a spell locking his appearance at the time as his appearence for the rest of his life.
  • In 1625 he was appointed Headmaster of Wolfrot.
  • In 1992 he was supposedly killed by ingesting essence of the phoenix but was instead reborn anew and fostered until old enough to return to teaching.
  1. In 1995 Jaqueline Rebecca Ballere Obscura is born.
  • In 2007 he was reinstated as Headmaster of Wolfrot after being reborn.
  • In 2009 he married Jaqueline Rebecca Ballare Obscura in a lavish Ceremony paid for be his wealth gathered over the years.
  • In 2026 he perfected a Time-Travel Spell that can only be used once in history.
  • In 2027 he resigned from Wolfrot handing his position over to Vortigen Codex Scramaseax.
  • In 2028 he used his time travel spell to travel with his wife and children back to 3260 BC where Falchion and Jaqueline then moved to Greece.
  • In 2029 AD/3261 BC he had twin sons and a daughter with Mrs. Falchion.
  • In 2097 AD/3189 BC his sons died of old age.
  • In 2098 AD/3188 BC his daughter died of old age.
  • In 1000 BC he moved to Wales with Mrs. Falcion and Founded an extremly large and Lavish Castle.
  • In 1296 he turns the Castle into Wolfrot Academy for Sorcerers and Sorceress'
  • In 1617 he appoints a promising young wizard as Dueling Teacher.
  • In 1623 he hands over position as Head Master to the Dueling Techer.
  • On June 7 1757 Mrs. Falchion is captured by strangers and taken to learn the true arts of time.
  • On June 7 1757 after Giving Every single bit of his money To Wolfrot, he uses his link of true love to apperate to where his wife is.

Number of Carnal Partners + Carnal Activity: 1 and 1,000,000 X 3438 years.

Number of Children: 3 (All dead)


Black Suit with Yellow Star Designs, a Light Blue Shirt and a Red Tie, Large White Full-Length Cloak, Green Socks, Red and White Muggle Indoor Soccer Boots with a Custom Re'em Leather Wand Holster at the Belt.


Professor Falchion owns a rune-inscribed bloodwood wand. The length is just a bit over eleven inches long. The core consists of hippogriff tail hair.


  1. Depulso
  2. Reducto
  3. Lumos